By ALB In Legal On 07 Sep 2023
The legal landscape, well-known for its data-intensive nature, grapples with the management of multifarious documents, case files, and client records. This information is quite difficult to handle manually. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 05 Sep 2023
In the current global legal economy, law firms find themselves under pressure to offer high-quality legal services while keeping costs low. Billing practices are one area where law firms may profit immensely. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 31 Aug 2023
Efficiency is the key to success in the fast-paced world of law firms. Manual billing processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors, hindering productivity and profitability. ... Read more

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In today's dynamic and highly competitive legal landscape, law firms face the challenge of increasing revenue realization and maximizing profitability. Clients demand more value for their legal services, requiring firms to adopt proactive strategies.... Read more

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Law firms face the significant challenge of boosting their revenue and maximizing profitability in the dynamic and highly competitive legal industry. As clients increasingly demand greater value for their legal services,... Read more

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In today’s dynamic legal landscape, precision and efficiency in billing are crucial for the success of large law firms and international powerhouses. ... Read more

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As a law firm, you know how important it is to maintain the profitability of your practice by billing accurately. However, write-downs and write-offs can significantly impact your bottom line. ... Read more

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Law firms are facing unprecedented challenges that hover over their financial stability in today’s highly competitive business landscape. ... Read more

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In the legal industry, clients’ billing guidelines are a crucial aspect that firms need to comply with to maintain a good relationship with their clients. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 11 Apr 2023
As a legal practitioner, you are certainly familiar with the challenges posed by billing reductions. For insurance law firms, in particular, such reductions often stem from non-compliance with client billing guidelines and time entry, ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 06 Apr 2023
Legal billing is a critical and complex task that demands accuracy and efficiency. Using legal innovation has become significant in recent years in order to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of billing procedures.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 16 Mar 2023
Law firms are adapting to the evolving legal industry by incorporating new practices, particularly regarding legal billing and timekeeping. The rise of legal billing software has greatly impacted this process, with over 80% of law firms now using it.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 07 Mar 2023
As the world becomes more digitized, so do the processes that businesses use. The legal industry is no exception, and e-billing software has emerged as a key tool for law firms. ... Read more

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Are you tired of spending hours and hours on billing and invoicing for your legal practice? Do you want to increase your cash flow and reduce billing errors?... Read more

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Legal billing software is becoming increasingly popular as a tool to improve the efficiency of law firms’ billing processes. The software streamlines the process of managing client billing, which can help reduce costs, improve accuracy, and increase transparency.... Read more

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Growing a solo law firm can be a challenging endeavor, necessitating significant time and energy to attain success. Whether you want to raise revenue, cross paths with growing demand, or just have the funds to hire professionals to manage the current situation, read on to know some tips for growing your solo law practice.... Read more

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As a law firm, having the right legal software can help you become more productive and successful. With the right software, the law firm can improve its efficiency, reduce errors, and increase profits. ... Read more

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Whether you are a novice or a veteran in the legal industry, chances are you are always searching for methods to increase the productivity and growth of your business.... Read more

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Law businesses can benefit from AI-powered legal billing software in several ways. AI-powered legal billing software can improve speed and accuracy, lessen errors, and provide more accurate data for analytics by automating the billing process. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 12 Jan 2023
The legal sector is in a state of flux, and technological innovation is at the forefront of this evolution. AI-enabled legal timekeeping software is one of the most valuable advancements in this area and can help law firms stay ahead of the competition. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 10 Jan 2023
The legal sector has a long-standing reputation as one of the most esteemed professions around the world. Nevertheless, as the 21st century has brought about various technological advancements, the industry has had to adapt to remain relevant. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 05 Jan 2023
The legal industry has traditionally been slow to adopt technological advances, but in recent years, they have come to recognize the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 03 Jan 2023
Managing OCGs and ensuring billing compliance is an important task for any law firm, as it allows the firm to remain compliant with regulations and maintain a good reputation. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 29 Dec 2022
We all understand that compliance with billing guidelines improves client-firm relationships, but do you know how it also improves your firm’s revenue? Billings are the lifeblood of any business. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 27 Dec 2022
Artificial intelligence (AI) has a huge impact on the corporate world, and it is no different when it comes to billing compliance and timekeeping. AI can help with this by providing an automated system to track and monitor employee time and billing information. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 20 Dec 2022
Billing guidelines and compliance practices are the rules and procedures a law firm uses to track and bill its clients for their legal services. They provide a standard for determining the total costs of a case, billing rates, and the breakdown of those rates for each service.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 27 Oct 2022
The legal industry has always had to overcome a variety of challenges in their everyday work because of the legal profession’s fairly conventional approach and resistance to adopting new technologies. ... Read more

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The legal sector has seen significant upheaval over the past ten years. The growth of technology has resulted in more effective business practices, allowing lawyers to work more efficiently. ... Read more

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With the recent trend of remote working accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many firms have been looking for ways to improve the way they operate. ... Read more

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Law firm billing systems are moving away from the traditional practice of having a partner as the head of a legal team. Instead, CEOs are being recruited to lead teams and handle the day-to-day operations. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 06 Oct 2022
Profits for legal firms play a crucial role in a world of fierce rivalry for business, where more and more deals fail than thrive. Law firms must be as profitable as possible. This can seem like a daunting mission for a company that doesn’t possess the gift of gab or a set of bionic hands. ... Read more

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The relationship between attorneys and law firms is complex. They know they are in a service business, but they also expect more from their law firm than any other profession. This culture of high expectations, coupled with the demands of their profession, ... Read more

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Attracting high-performing new talent seems to be on everyone’s minds. But how can you entice the most talented individuals to join your firm? ... Read more

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Legal associates are the lifeblood of law firms that not only bring in clients and make connections with people but also frequent the firm’s offices and offer extra assistance outside of working hours.... Read more

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Did you know that growing your firm and revenue needs more than an idea or a thought? Just as a business has made it through the risky start-up phase, the next aim is to raise income in terms of being able to support the firm's operations expansion,... Read more

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The legal industry is amongst the widest and rapidly growing disciplines giving away financial sustainability, and there is no denying of the fact that every aspirant who is gearing up to pursue a career in law practice at some point wondering which areas of law practice are best paid. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 20 Dec 2021
Many US firms are still offering monthly billing bonuses to attorneys based on a monthly billing quota.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 14 Dec 2021
Legal e-billing applications aid in automating the invoice submission, review and approval process. By reducing the need for human review, legal e-billing tools eliminate much of the inefficiencies that go hand-in-hand with a manual process and ensure full compliance with clients’ billing guidelines.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 19 Oct 2021
The most obvious answer to this predicament lies in your expectations from the outside counsel and in the assessment of the benefits vs the risk of employing them to get the job done.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 13 Oct 2021
When you have been working with TPAs and insurance companies for as long as I have, you tend to agree with their reasonable concerns regarding hiring outside counsel in addition to their in-house panel. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 28 Sep 2021
It is no news that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the work culture across industries around the globe. The legal sector has been impacted upon as well with great effect and in all fairness, the ‘new normal’ looks like it is here to stay. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 21 Sep 2021
The billing department of your law firm is often subjected to almost unfair challenges and pressures on account of being your firm’s financial backbone.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 17 Aug 2021
Facing cash flow issues due to your client not coughing up the money on time? Well, you are not alone. A large number of small and medium-sized law firms report delays in payments.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 15 Oct 2020
Almost overnight, law firms of all types and sizes were forced to completely rethink how they operate when the COVID-19 pandemic caused the shutdown of states across the country. In some sense, every law firm became a virtual law firm, relying on systems that allow them to work remotely from home or some other non-office location. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 06 Oct 2020
The workplace culture at many law firms is collegial if a little traditional. While lawyers are known to like offices with doors (link to article about office design), the traditions of walking down the hall to have a conversation with a colleague or picking up the phone to talk with another expert in the area of practice to share insight and experience is commonplace. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 10 Mar 2020
Reports on law firm performance from 2019 paint a rosy picture of increased profits despite flat demand for services. How could this be? In many cases, this is due to firms continuing success with raising billing rates for lawyer time – and having clients pay the bills!... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 03 Mar 2020
Practicing law is in part about building and maintaining trusting relationships with clients and a key element of building these relationships is providing clear, accurate bills. At first this might seem a little odd – clients don’t seek out legal advice to get billed after all!... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 25 Feb 2020
Innovation is everywhere in the legal sector these days. From job titles to department names and beyond, innovation is omnipresent. One legal industry commentator went as far as to say that “Innovative is the new Prestigious” in law firm superlatives. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 17 Feb 2020
2019 was a breakthrough year for legal technology companies, seeming to affirm that technology is changing the ways that lawyers work and that law firms operate. Investors have seen a legal tech industry that is maturing with software and technologies that are ready for use as soon as they are implemented at law firms. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 12 Feb 2020
Peter Drucker, who is credited with inventing the concept of modern business management, once said that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. He also said that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. These are simple thoughts, but there is a reason why these ideas have had such a lasting impact on businesses of all types, including law firms. ... Read more

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Compliance with various billing guidelines isn't short of difficult and plain exhausting. Here is our guide on general entries you can bill for, and those you must absolutely not.... Read more

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Technology has opened up possibilities that the world could not imagine existed just decades ago and every industry has reaped the bountiful benefits of technology to update its business modules and bring in plenty more revenue. ... Read more

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In this blog, we explore and analyze the existing technology prevalent in the legal world and throw insight into what the future could look like in terms of legal tech. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 15 Aug 2019
Over the course of the past decade, Insurance Carriers, TPAs and large corporations in the US have invested over a billion dollars on bill review vendors and better bill review platforms in order to ensure that each of the panel invoice submitted to them is entirely compliant with their individual billing guidelines.... Read more

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This blog looks into the contemporary state of law firms' financial health across the world.... Read more

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We understand that change can be difficult but it doesn't have to be-implementing changes in software for your firm can be a piece of cake if you follow the steps that we have mentioned.... Read more

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Visualizing and studying the firm's data can provide invaluably directional insights aiding in the firm's financial decision-making process. ... Read more

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This is a comprehensive outlook on the various features of Accurate Legal Billing and how it guarantees an increased profit margin.... Read more

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Relationships between clients and lawyers are fundamentally about trust – trust in legal advice, trust that both sides understand the other, trust that billing is fair, etc. Through this post, we examine several types of technology that helps law firms and clients achieve quality representation and build better relationships. ... Read more

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Your law firm’s profit margins are directly proportional to the judicious use of resources present to you- this is especially true in case of your employees’ efficiency. Read more here.... Read more

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Reducing Write-Offs is an integral move in the implementation of financial structures aimed at improving the profit margins of law firms. Read more to know how your firm can achieve this.... Read more

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The aftermath of the great recession in 2008 for the legal industry has been rather severe and hence it would make a lot of sense for law firms to be prudent and make adequate changes in their administration and finances. ... Read more

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Losing out on billable hours is a lot scarier than it seems and could possibly result in the death of your firm. Here are five ways to prevent this loss.... Read more