By ALB In Legal On 06 Jun 2023
Are you tired of the hassle of manual billing? Embrace the power of technology with e-bill services. Electronic billing has become increasingly popular as technology evolves, and recent market research projects the global e-billing and invoice market to reach $30 billion by 2026. ... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 14 Mar 2023
As a leading legal organization, it is imperative to stay ahead of the competition in billing and invoicing to maintain profitability and provide exceptional client services. In the ever-evolving business world, having the necessary resources is essential and so incorporating a time billing software solution is a vital step in streamlining these processes.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 07 Mar 2023
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By ALB On 23 Sep 2021
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By ALB In Legal On 29 Jan 2021
While the content of the invoices that your firm prepares and the highly adaptable budget that you offer your clients are suitably attractive,... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 18 Dec 2020
ALB 2.0 allows law firms to connect with various time entry systems and view the compliant and noncompliant entries in prior while preparing and submitting invoices to e-billing vendors’ systems... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 01 Sep 2020
It is extremely common knowledge, and a practice probably still at large in most law firms across the world: the promotion of the quantity of billable hours. The equation seems rather obvious here:... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 24 Apr 2020
The current day scenario presents small & medium sized law firms with ample opportunities to increase their profitability. In this blog, we list out some of the ways leading law firms are utilizing to increase their bottom line, effectively.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 20 Dec 2019
As we race into the New Year 2020, let us take a month to reflect on what law firms have been through in 2019. Month after month, law firms are consistently seeing reductions on their invoices for not having obtained prior approval from their claim adjusters or clients before performing certain activities or incurring certain expenses on behalf of their clients.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 15 Oct 2019
A severely outdated and rudimentary practice still big in many law firms across the United States is the inclusion of monthly billing bonuses in the package of their senior associates and partners. ... Read more

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By ALB In Legal On 13 Mar 2019
To the Uniform Task-Based Management System i.e. UTBMS, as a part of an act to modernize the existing Bill of Costs, J-codes were added by the LEDES Oversight Committee... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 13 Mar 2019
A surprisingly common yet highly concerning issue that arises during the legal billing process is the presence of various inaccuracies while preparing an invoice. These can prove really costly in terms of money and clients for law firms. Read on to know how.... Read more