ALB 2.0: Time Entry Cleansing

Is your firm currently using a time and billing platform that all your timekeepers are familiar with, hence changing it now would be tedious? Or have you recently switched to a new platform or upgraded your existing one? You can still ensure that every invoice prepared by your firm is 100% compliant with each of your client’s billing guidelines: without having to switch to ALB! We present to you our latest innovation: ALB 2.0: Time Entry Cleansing.

ALB’s Time Entry Cleansing is a simple and easy process, that helps law firms ensure that the invoices prepared by their billing department are 100% compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines. ALB 2.0 is AI enabled, which means that each line item that it is presented with, is automatically verified for compliance with the respective guideline.

Salient Features of ALB 2.0 include:

  • Compliance check: 100% compliance with billing guidelines.

  • No integration required.

  • Quick and easy data import.

  • Suggestions for corrections: Invoice review made easy.

  • Invoice Conversion: Submit invoices in LEDES98, 2000 or in any billing formats.


ALB 2.0’s semi-automated invoice cleansing involves the following steps:

1. Time Entries Upload

All the time entries created by your firm’s timekeepers can easily be uploaded to ALB 2.0 from your time and billing platform or other export methods.

legal eBilling software

legal eBilling software

2. Non-compliance Check

The uploaded time entries are assessed for strict compliance with the respective billing guidelines by the AI powered system. All the non-compliances are automatically flagged and color coded to indicate the specific type of non-compliance.

3. Line Entry Edit and correction

Upon being presented with the highlighted non-compliances, your firm’s billing clerks can now review and edit each of them to add/modify details, attachments, etc that make these entries compliant. The system provides suggestions/instructions to guide the firms through this process, based on the specific guidelines, hence the review is easy and requires no guess work on part of the billing department part.

legal eBilling software

legal eBilling software

4. 100% Compliant Line Entries

Once suitable corrections have been made as per the ALB AI’s instructions, the system displays a message confirming that the entry is now in compliance with the client’s billing guidelines. The corrected entries are then moved to the list of 'Finalized Line Entries'.

5. Exporting the Line Entries

Once your firm’s billing department has finished correcting all of the highlighted non-compliances, you have three options:

  • You can upload the cleansed time entries back into your time and billing platform where you can generate the invoices based on the same, do your accounting and generate financial reports.
  • Generate invoices in LEDES format, or as PDF using ALB following which you can upload them to your clients’ bill review vendor’s system(s). Here, you will have the ability to generate reports such as WIP, AR, Timekeepers Analysis, Budget v Spend, Profit per Claim/Case report, etc.
  • Connect to your eBillingHub account and send your entries directly from ALB.
legal eBilling software

With ALB your firm will no longer have invoices cut, reduced, disputed or delayed for non-compliance with billing guidelines.