Improved eBilling Recovery By 90%

Are Bill Review Vendors consistently reducing/cutting your firm's invoices?
Is your firm able to get back a significant percentage of the amount reduced?

It is high time you consider consulting with legal experts at ALB who will challenge the bill review vendors and increase the amount that you recover!

The highly experienced eBilling team at ALB are ready to challenge all bill review vendors to ensure that law firms recover maximum possible amounts at all times.

Law Firms utilizing the services of ALB's Legal Expert Team to challenge cuts on their invoices by bill review vendors are seeing a recovery rate of 90%.

Click on the below button to schedule a demo or reach out to a member of our team at [email protected] to learn more and see how we can help improve your firm's recovery rate.

ALB's recognized experts in legal billing and clients' billing guidelines compliance routinely assist law firms in:

  • Implementing quality by design for successful capturing of daily activities by timekeepers
  • Analyzing and ensuring that each line item entered by individual timekeepers is 100% compliant with the respective client's billing guidelines
  • Developing requirements and performing audits to ensure that timekeepers and the firm in general are meeting the firm’s goals and targets.
  • Developing and capturing the firm's performance metrics which are provided to the firm's executives and/or managing partners with the purpose of helping the firm meet its financial goals.