Implementation, Integration and Migration

Owing to the evolution of technology and the ease and efficiency that it ensues; many law firms are incorporating it effectively to provide their clients a better experience. The e-billing process has been the brightest kid in this block for a while now. If you wish to incorporate your existing platform with ours, we guarantee you a smooth process with experienced and skilled expert assistance and support throughout the entire process without affecting your business continuity.


Our implementation process includes technical support and training such that your billing clerk(s) and timekeeper(s) gain hands on experience using the ALB platform and its features with ease. Our experts will perform most of the implementation with minimal to no requirements from you and/or your IT team.


If you have an in-house case management system that you love and would like to integrate ALB with it, then our team will be delighted to do so at minimal to no charges for your firm.


If you have a current billing platform our ALB technical team will work with you to migrate the same to our ALB platform at minimal to zero cost to your firm.

Legal Billing Software Implementation