Why ALB?


Help law firms comply with clients’ billing guidelines, prevent e-billing reductions and increase firms’ revenue realization.

You can expect the following from ALB AI Applications:

ALB is a leading and innovative cloud and web-based platform built by industry experts and lawyers for assisting law firms across the world.

Improve levels of compliance against billing rules and outside counsel guidelines
ALB eliminates the need to train timekeepers on new or updated billing guidelines
ALB1.0 requires timekeepers to enter time correctly the first time so there is no need to correct/change entries in the pre-bill process
ALB2.0 imports time entries from the law firm’s billing software and check for full compliance against clients’ billing guidelines.

Positive bottom line impact in financial savings : 16.5% - 30% net increase in the law firm’s revenue realization
ALB eliminates the need for billing attorneys to do pre-bills
ALB reduces/eliminates the need to appeal reductions for non-compliance
Provides budgeting templates and history tracking against actual, Budget Versioning as case progresses

ALB Integrates with SurePoint, Omega, Coyote, Orion, Tabs3, PracticeMaster, Aderant, Intapp, Elite, Prolaw, Clio, Timeslips, Juris
Ability to demonstrate to law firms’ clients compliance to auditing standards
Provides for consistent data collection via e-billing
Ability to use ALB for both hourly timekeepers and flat fee rates

Ability to use ALB for all clients (e-billing and non-e-billing)
Continuous improvement to the system, with enhancements, upgrades, and new features
Staff training and updating available at the request of the firm
Access to the Helpdesk during the business day, with a commitment to 8 hours maximum turnaround period on all submitted tickets or emails.