Why ALB?

ALB is a leading and innovative cloud and web-based platform built by industry experts and lawyers for assisting law firms across the world.

ALB is an all-inclusive platform with an easy-to-use dashboard that helps the law firms’ timekeepers to easily capture details of their daily activities using our mobile or web app. ALB also helps the law firms’ billing clerk or department to easily prepare and submit accurate invoices to their clients.

What makes ALB stand out from any other legal billing software is ALB’s skill in being intuitive and to make corrections on line items based on a firms’ client's billing guidelines such that the law firms suffer zero to minimal losses on their invoice amount. Owing to ALBs latest technology, law firms can now prepare and submit invoices to clients that are 100% compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines. This then results in the firms’ invoices being processed much faster by a legal bill review vendor or the client’s in-house team. Hence the payments are processed much quicker ensuring better cashflow for the firms.

Long gone are the days when legal bill vendors cause reductions to the law firms’ bills.

legal eBilling software


To help law firms across the world improve their cash flow, increase their billing efficiency and increase their profit margin, by easily capturing their daily activities, preparing and submitting invoices that are 100% compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines.