Following the successful launch of ALB 1.0 in 2019; based on demands from US law firms, Accurate Legal Billing Inc will be launching its latest platform ALB 2.0 ‘Time Entry Cleansing’ on 6 Jan 2020.
By ALB In Legal On 05 Dec 2019
On account of high demands from law firms across the US, UK, and Canada, Accurate Legal Billing Inc, is releasing its latest innovation ‘Time Entry Cleansing’ that is all set to ensure that law firms’ time entries are fully compliant with each of their client’s billing guidelines.... Read more

AI-Powered Billing Platform Helps Law Firms Optimize Cashflow and Minimize Delayed Invoice Payments
By ALB In Legal On 29 Apr 2019
The world’s first billing platform that automates the process of validating legal billed services with the mission to help law firms across the world improve their cash flow and billing efficiency, by easily capturing their daily activities, preparing and submitting invoices that are 100% compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines.... Read more

By ALB In Legal On 13 Mar 2019
Accurate Legal Billing is the world's first platform that guarantees 100% compliance with clients' SLA. From easy invoice preparation to automated reviews, ALB is all set to revolutionize legal billing.... Read more

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