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Law firms using the ALB software can prepare and submit invoices that are error-free and are hence a hundred percent compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines.

Developed using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, the Automated Bill Review System is a result of advanced 'Machine Learning' which comprises of a colossal amount of data entered into and assimilated within the system so that it is capable of providing personalised reviews and suggestions based on each entry.

ALB's Automated Bill Review System detects errors in line entries (block billing, duplicate line entries, mathematical errors) as well as non compliances with the clients' billing guidelines and ensures that every single invoice prepared and submitted on the ALB platform suffers no cuts following bill review that occur as a result of these.

The invoices can be prepared in multiple languages, multiple currencies as well as for multiple fee types (retainer fees, contingency fees, hourly fees,etc.) and converted to any of the standardised ebilling formats.

Guaranteed Compliance

Guaranteed Billing Guidelines Compliance

We are the world’s first legal billing platform that guarantee that every single invoice prepared by a law firm using our system will always be a hundred percent compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines and this shall ultimately help law firms improve their cash flow significantly.

Multiple Fee Structures

Multiple Fee Structures (Client-Specific)

Law firms can prepare and submit invoices based on multiple fee structures including contingency fees, hourly fees, flat fees, retainer fees, etc

Automated Bill Review System

Automated Bill Review System

Each line entry is automatically reviewed by ALB’s Automated Bill Review system to check for compliance with the particular clients’ billing guidelines.

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Capture your activities, minute by minute.

Time is money and every minute that your timekeeper spends on a case is highly valuable to your firm. With ALB, keep constant track of time invested, save it as a draft and pick up from where you left off the next day. Following this, the activity is then converted to suitable formats to prepare invoices.

Invoice Generation

Invoice Generation

ALB provides tools for the law firm clerks to prepare invoices by entering required information as and when needed. This information can then be edited in case of errors and a finalised invoice following conversion is submitted for automatic review.

Invoice Conversion

Invoice Conversion

In ALB automated, the prepared invoices can be converted by the law firm clerks into their desired formats for submission. Tools are available to convert invoices into LEDES98B, LEDES98BI, XML 2.0, XML 2.1, Chubb etc.

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Create Various Types of Reports.

Comprehensive reports are generated at various stages besides which there is a provision for law firm clerks to generate their own reports.

These reports include statistical, graphical and dynamic representation of results reflecting the analysis, reasoning and rationale applied our experts.

Regular reports are provided so as to allow law firms to make informed decisions while saving time as well as money.

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Reports on Accounts Receivable and Work in Progress

Reports on Accounts Receivable are provided by ALB at frequent intervals and at the end of the time period agreed upon by the firm and clients.

Work in Progress reports are generated on a set frequency so that the clients are updated regularly on the amount of work that has been done by the law firms.