By ALB In Legal On 13 Mar 2019

NYC, 13th March 2019: Accurate Legal Billing (ALB) is an innovative new service aimed at providing law firms with expert solutions for their invoice compliance requirements. With ALB, the law firms’ timekeepers can easily capture their day to day activities, prepare and cleanse invoices as well as convert them to any of the standard formats.

The invoices that are submitted are therefore 100% compliant with their clients’ SLA. The law firms’ bills are precise, error-free and accurate before the third-party bill review vendor platform reviews it. The law firms hence stand to cut down their expenditure and save a lot of time when they avail the services of ALB.


ALB works with law firms and assists them on many levels throughout the life of the case. The services provided by Accurate Legal Billing include multi-jurisdictional and multi-currency invoice preparation, identification of faulty entries including mathematical errors, duplicate line entries and errors in timekeeper rates.

The invoices are thoroughly assessed and reviewed, following which comprehensive reports are prepared based on accounts receivable and work in progress. The invoices are prepared through a proprietary software in accordance with LEDES988, LEDES98BI, XML 2.0, XML 2.1 or Chubb.


Different types of invoices can be prepared based on the charging method: flat fees, matter-specific fee, contingency fee or invoices based on hourly rates.


With ALB, law firms able to avoid back and forth disputes with the client’s legal bill review vendors and fast-track the payment process. The billing clerk no longer needs to chase down the law firm’s timekeeper for clarifications on line items or invoices that are stuck in the vendor’s bill review platform. The review and payment process are hastened significantly and there is much better cash flow for the law firms.


ABOUT ALB: ALB is an all-inclusive platform with an easy-to-use dashboard that helps the law firms’ timekeepers to easily capture details of their daily activities using our mobile or web app. ALB also helps the law firms’ billing clerk or department to easily prepare and submit legal invoices which are 100% compliant with their clients’ SLA and deliver statistical reports that allow law firms to make informed decisions while saving time and money.

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