Legal Billing Software

With the increasing need and awareness for billing compliance and the expanding demand for expert bill review, law firms are spending a lot more effort and time dealing with bill review vendors than focusing on providing services for their clients.. ALB is an AI powered software which guarantees that every single invoice prepared using its system is always 100% compliant with each firm clients’ billing guidelines. Enhanced with features like daily activity capture, invoice preparation/ conversion/ submission, automated bill review and more, ALB is the number one choice for law firms across the world looking to improve their cash flow effectively, billing efficiency and better client relationships.

The various features that make ALB the best choice for law practices of all size are:

  • Daily Activity Capture on both Mobile and Web apps
  • Automated Bill Review
  • 100% compliance with billing guidelines
  • Calendar integration with Outlook, Office365, Google, etc.
  • Case Budget Tracking
  • Chat support feature enabling communication between timekeepers and other support staffs in the law firm
  • Preloaded UTBMS Codes
  • Cloud Based Software accessible on any device, anytime.
  • Easy Integration and Implementation
  • Various Metrics Reports such as: Fee Earners Report, Invoice Ageing Report, AR Report, Budget Vs Spend Report, etc.
  • Multiple Fee Structures
  • Online/ Chat/ Telephone Customer Support
legal billing software