Large Law Firms

As a large law firm you will likely have a lot of corporate and insurance clients, and you, like many other firms across the US and the world are spending a lot of time and money to deal with the growing number of bill review companies.

Each of your corporate or insurance clients issue your firm a set of billing guidelines which your firm is required to comply with. Moreover, the chances are that your firm might not be dealing with the corporate or insurance client directly, but all your firm invoices are required to be submitted to a bill review vendor for compliance review.

Your clients will expect you to submit budgets for each and every case that they assign to your law firm.

As a large law firm, you are required to provide a great deal of information to your clients, especially the insurance companies.This on its own is a time consuming process and places a huge burden on the law firms and it is not even originally a part of the work that the client has engaged the law firm for.

ALB with its AI rich features was built by industry experts and lawyers, in order to help the law firms navigate the challenges faced when dealing with bill review vendors and issues in billing compliance.

The various features that make ALB the best choice for law practices of all size are:

  • Daily Activity Capture on both Mobile and Web apps
  • Automated Bill Review
  • 100% compliance with billing guidelines
  • Calendar integration with Outlook, Office365, Google, etc.
  • Case Budget Tracking
  • Chat support feature enabling communication between timekeepers and other support staffs in the law firm
  • Preloaded UTBMS Codes
  • Cloud Based Software accessible on any device, anytime.
  • Easy Integration and Implementation
  • Various Metrics Reports such as: Fee Earners Report, Invoice Ageing Report, AR Report, Budget Vs Spend Report, etc.
  • Multiple Fee Structures
  • Online/ Chat/ Telephone Customer Support
legal billing software for large law firms

professional legal billing software for large law firms